I Can’t Stop

I Can’t Stop by Flux Pavilion is my newest tune that never ceases to amaze me of the absolute power of music.  Recently in Mexico, I was reintroduced to this song while dancing with a fantastic group of new found friends.  The more I listened to the words, however, the one line, “I can’t stop” seemed to vibrate throughout the other arenas of my life.  I took the song back with me as I returned to workouts in my regular gym in a freezing Chicago.  I have had a great climb on the stair mill and some awesome upper body workouts while listening to this motivating tune.

That great climb yesterday consisted of  81 minutes on the stair mill, a 38lb pack and moving at low and high intensity intervals for three sets of 11 minutes at the high intensity level.  Since my last climb, I increased the time by 1 minute, increased the weight up 2.5 lbs and went from low intensity for the entire 80 minutes, to high intervals that increased my steps per minute by 5 (increasing the speed).  That’s why it was a great climb.

These words, “I can’t stop” fall perfectly in sync with my steps; may it be while dancing in mexico or doing pushups, my body is on autopilot, but my thoughts, ideas and dreams are allowed to drive.

I think of where I want to be in life, what my next adventure shall be or who I will meet along the way. I envision myself there. I envision myself at the top of Mt. Rainier right after I come back from a 6 day Mt. Kilimanjaro climb and 5 day safari.  I see myself in Asia with new teachers and students to teach while fitting in trips to neighboring countries.  I want to go to South America and teach right after I have spent a few years teaching in Alaska.  I want to teach on an Indian Reservation.  I want to publish my writing, I want to sell my paintings.

I dream so much about these things that if I were to die tomorrow, I would have accomplished every single goal, if not for the images in my mind.  I am a truly happy person, I have a life that I am in love with and wait in constant anticipation of what is to come.

The words “I can’t stop” started from dance steps, twisted into bench presses and exploded into dreams.  The reason why this song is so motivating to me, is because it perfectly embodies where I am in this moment.  If you don’t find this song motivating, then find a song that you can connect with and let it take you to that next level. Let it motivate you whether in life, work or fitness.


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