Stuck, But Not Static

For the most part of today, I did succumb to laying in bed, reading an enthralling novel, eating at leisure and working snuggled under lovely blankets.  The schools were canceled due to extreme cold weather and I was given an extra two days off for winter break.

It is amazing how much I did not accomplish during the entire two weeks that I had off,  yet the extra unexpected two days came as a lovely gift box which I filled by accomplishing tasks.  I was very productive today within the universe of my room and the proof of an orderly appearance hopes to last more than the average three days.

With all of the activity that I packed into my day while being stuck inside my house, I had a tiny urge to skip my workout.  I had a rough ten day long stint of workouts and it seemed as though my off day on Sunday just wasn’t enough.  As tempting as another off day sounded, I battled with myself.  I was warm, under blankets, sending work emails, making plans for upcoming adventures. Honestly, it was more than a tiny urge, it was a rather large one.

Never a normal person when it comes to internal psychological hurdles, I presented myself with an agreement.  I simply drank my decision; I consumed my pre-workout.  The simple act of drinking something set a time limit and there was no putting it off.  If I truly did not want to workout, then I would accept the mild turmoil caused in my stomach by consuming a pre-workout and not utilizing it with exercise.  If I truly did not want to workout, then I would lose the $1.50 that I spend on each scoop of pre-workout.   If another off day was truly necessary, I would accept my fate and be proud of it.

But, if one claims to truly know me, my fate has never included throwing away money, and this made the rather hard decision very simple.  And as cliche as it sounds, after I was done with my TapOut session, I looked in the mirror, panting, and smiled.  No amount of snow, cold, laziness or mental games I may partake in will deter me from my goals. I am glad that I worked out and sometimes going to the extent of playing mind games with yourself, can truly pay off.


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