Inspiration is Inspiration

I go to the gym 5-6 days out of my week and spend roughly 2 hours on rigorous training. Most of my motivation is intrinsic and fed by the images of mountainous landscape and snow covered trails.  While I workout, I envision climbing a mountain, running through trails or hiking through valleys.  I am an imaginative creature and this serves me quite well in defending myself against the autonomy of daily training.

My motivation is non-competitive with others and although I know that I can lift as heavy or go as far as many I encounter, the thoughts of comparison are strictly from my past to current self.  I am only in competition with myself, to summit and to succeed.

Yet, as far as my intrinsic motivation has taken me thus far, I do occasionally tap into others’ for motivation.  As always, the most precious gifts come at unannounced moments and as I was watching the new superman movie, Man of Steel, I recognized an actor that I had also been seeing recently in the tv series, Tudors.  Some info I discovered from Imdb on Henry Cavill:

“He achieved 6% body fat for Immortals (2011) and then went even further for Man of Steel(2013) where he achieved a body fat percentage of 3%, which is what body-builders reach during competitions.
During his childhood he was bullied a lot at school for his chubbiness and known as “Fat Cavill” because he was fat as a kid. He started to turn things around when he landed a role in the movie The Count of Monte Cristo (2002) where he had to lose a lot of weight to get the part. The biggest turning point came when he landed the lead role in Immortals (2011). Cavill went shirtless for half the movie and sported extremely chiseled eight pack abs that vowed the audience. He has never been called “fat” since then.

Had a commemorative Superman coin made as a token of appreciation for the folks at Gym Jones who trained him physically fit for Man of Steel (2013).”

Not only do I find his actual transformation inspiring, but the last trivia fact hit a very personal chord.  He appreciated what his gym did to help him and that, in itself, is a very humbling act.  Henry Cavill, with all of his fame and fortune, never lost sight of who helped him along the way.  He never lost sight of what motivated him, to truly become superman.

I try to never lose sight of what motivates me, the pure beauty of summiting a mountain. Yet, I also try never to lose sight of who helps me along the way, and in this recent moment, Henry Cavill is who inspires me.   Inspiration, whether from challenging yourself, others or nature, is the necessary fuel to our fire.  And when the embers seem to be smoldering and losing its heat, keep adding to your fire.  Anything can be kindling, just the same as anything can be inspiring.


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